And now for something completely different.

Actually not that different.  If you’ve been to my page before you may notice it has changed, for the first time in about 12 months. There are certainly fewer cobwebs.

I haven’t written any fiction in almost a year.  My novel, Rule Britannia is still sitting here, edited, revised, re-edited… this is just the cycle of things. I have to set it aside sometimes and get on with other things or else I’ll run mad.

So the page has changed. For now, the book will have to wait.

Now, don’t worry, I’m not straying too far from the path. This isn’t about to become a cooking blog. But what it is becoming is something I have been passionate about for a long time. A very long time. And that thing is self-education.

I’m not going to bore you with my life story. The short version is “I left school at 15 because I couldn’t do the courses I wanted, and ever since then I’ve been directing my own education”.  It’s called being an autodidact.

Along this journey, which has been life-long so far, and will continue to be, I’ve always felt there was a gap. Not quite a gaping hole, but certainly a space that I wasn’t able to fill with everything I’d done so far. The education I had been given had been based on a modern curriculum, what I was missing was a classical education.

I’ve dipped my toe into classical/grammar school education before. If you’re not familiar with what that is, Wikipedia gives a great explanation, and here are the main points:

  1. We start with the Trivium, which consists of:
    • Grammar;
    • Logic; and
    • Rhetoric.
  2. The we move into the Quadrivium, made up of:
    • Arithmetic;
    • Geometry;
    • Music (and sometimes Arts in general); and
    • Astronomy.
  3. And then the third and final part is the apprenticeship, where you leave formal education and take up either a tutor in your desired profession, or start an actual apprenticeship.

So this is where I am at. At least the foreseeable future this blog will now be used to share my journey through this classical education.

I’ll be starting with the Trivium. The book that is recommend most widely by other people who are on the same path as me is, the appropriately titled, The Trivium by Sister Miriam Joseph (that links to, but it’s not an affiliate link so no kick-backs for me).

Wish me luck, and if you feel like joining in, or just have some questions please leave a comment, or get in touch.

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