The best laid plans…

It’s fair to say that the second half of 2018 did not go to plan. My 9-5 job had to become a priority as a couple of projects were derailed. While October to December is usually a quiet period for me, last year we were flat out until the Christmas break.

Such is life.

So what does this mean for my learning journey? Working 12 hour days five days a week was mentally draining, and my brain was never going to focus enough to allow me to do any quality study. I thought the best thing to do was put a pin in my plans until January, and start again once I’d had a break.

Mother nature had other plans.

Fast forward to January 2019 and Tasmania is on fire. Literally. We had some of the worst bushfires on record over January, and even now in mid-February as I write this there are still active fronts. While I wasn’t directly in any danger I had friends who were. They had to evacuate their home, and came to stay with me. Two extra people and two extra cats, plus a bunch of extra treasured possessions in my little place was cosy, and not conducive to any study.

But now my friends are back in their home, the paddocks a little blackened but their lives otherwise undamaged. Peace is restored to my place and I can once again turn my mind back to study.

So what is the new, slightly revised plan? I need to find my groove again, but I am very keen to get back into a regular art practice at the very least. To start this, and help me focus, I took the leap and signed up for a single subject through Open Universities Australia, and starting on 25 February I will begin the 13-week undergraduate-level subject of Introduction to Drawing (VAR11), through Curtin University.

I’m following this up with a subject through the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education commencing on 1 May a 10-week course, Learning to Look at the Visual Arts.

The beauty of both of these subjects is that they are 100% online. And in the case of the Open Universities Australia pathway, if I choose to, I can add on to this subject and build it into a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), also completely 100% online.

So that is where I am at the moment, itching to get my hands covered with paint, fill my nose with the scent of books, and set my mind racing in all directions.

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