Jumping in with both feet

It took only a day’s deliberation before I decided to go ahead and sign up for the full Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) with Curtin University, via Open Universities Australia.

This is not an ad, and I am not affiliated with either OUA or Curtin (other than being a student).

I’ve always lamented my lack of formal art training. Save for the couple of years of high school, where I didn’t appreciate what I was being taught, the last 30 years of art practice have been through experimentation, self-directed learning, and an awful lot of stuffing up.

Working full time with a mortgage and a cat to support on a single income, there is no way I could attend Uni as a traditional student without seriously sacrificing my future security. Maybe if I was in my 20’s and had family to fall back on I would feel differently, but the fact is I’m in my mid-40’s and now is not the time to put at risk my retirement plans. My practical side always wins out on this one.

Aside from a few single subjects here and there I’ve never come across a Fine Art course that I could take part-time, online, and which was accredited. The accreditation means less to me, as I’ve banged on about many times its about the journey and the learning, not the piece of paper at the end. But there is something in the back of my mind that knows completing a full course of study will bring me a level of knowledge and confidence in my work to maybe, just maybe, make it possible for me to become more active in the art world.

So I have applied to enroll in the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) through Curtin, via OUA. I can take 10 years to complete the course, this equates to 2-3 subjects taken each year to reach the full 24 subjects required to be awarded the degree. There are 14 core/major units, and I can choose an additional 10 elective units. Because I want to increase my art history knowledge, and ability to write about art, I’m planning for the electives to include research, history, and communication subjects. In my dreams I’ll end up as an amateur version of Dr Bendor Grosvenor, Art Historian, who you may know through the BBC’s Fake or Fortune.

As I’ve already commence a visual arts subject with Curtin (VAR11 – Introduction to Drawing), as I discussed in a recent post, I can use this subject as one of my first year elective units (of which there are only two). The second subject I’ve enrolled in, and won’t commence until August 2019 is VIS18 – Introduction to History of Art and Design.

I will post on my progress through the course on this site, I expect I’ll need to set up a new section, and will share my assessment work (after it has been submitted).

To say I am excited to be learning again would be an understatement.

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