It’s a bit dusty around here…

I’m not going to give you any excuses, life is busy, that is all there is to it. But I’m here now.

I completed my first unit of the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), and I’m very pleased to say that I achieved an overall result of High Distinction. I’m torn between feeling chuffed, and hoping I haven’t peaked early and it’s all down hill from here.

Study period 1 ended in May, and I took a little break after that because it had been my intention to do another online course, this time through Oxford. That Oxford course fell very short in my estimation of what it should be and after a couple of weeks I realised I had better things to do with my time.

Now it’s Sunday night, 25th of August and tomorrow I start on my second unit of study in the BA Fine Art with Curtin University, VIS18 Introduction to History of Art and Design.

Where my first unit was all practical and got the creative juices well and truly flowing (you can see some of the works I produced over on my Instagram), this unit is all theory. I will have one open book test, and two essays to write.  The first of 1,000 words and the second 1,200 words. The number of words doesn’t bother me, I write all day every day as part of my job. It’s the type of writing, that structured, ‘university-speak’, that scares the pants off me.

I bought myself a couple of books to help get my head in the essay writing space. I’m cautiously optimistic. Most of all I’m as excited as always to learn something new.

Oh, and it was an excuse to buy a bunch of new books (new to me, some are second hand). To be exact, 26cm worth.

Week 1 is Greek Art – I have lots of reading ahead of me, the books below are just recommended, there is also a list of online reading to tackle.

Can’t wait!

image of a stack of books

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