Too Much Philosophy and Not Enough Art

Whinge, whinge, whinge.

I’m three weeks deep into my second unit. I knew it was going to be a sucky one because it’s all theory with not a pencil or paintbrush in sight. But seriously, can’t at least one of the required readings actually be about art?  So far it’s been solely philosophy and religion.

I know, it’s all context.

But I need to at least see that link. Show me where the art is in context. Don’t just tell me about the religion, or the philosophers, then not mention anything at all about the art of the period that was influenced by that thinking.

I feel like I’ve got the wrong reading list.

I just had an open book exam at the end of week three. Thirty questions, multiple choice, with one week to complete. The ‘book’ that it was necessary to have open for the exam was the study guide that came with the unit. Not a single book from the required reading list. That says something surely.

The unit is called Introduction to History of Art and Design people, not philosophy and religion.

I’m frustrated, but there is hope in sight. I’ll skim Islam this week (no offence to Islam, I did the same to Brahmanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism), and then hopefully sail past what I predict will be a bunch of Christianity in Week 5: Gothic Art, before finally, finally, coming to rest in Week 6: the Renaissance.

What we need is a Spanish Inquisition.

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